we waited
we prepared ourselves
we criticised
we knew
that the existing world
cannot last
that there must come
a change

a turn
that leads us away from
excessive consumption
predatory capitalism
endless entertainment

it came

the change came
despite all the preparations
we were not ready
our unreadiness
stunned us

the shock
of one’s own helplessness
paralysed us
acting on autopilot
the thawing of our inner stiffness
is yet to


you want one
but life sets it differently
and again you need to go
to take a detour

realise with clarity
that here I stand
and I cannot do otherwise
that I need to

through the wilderness
in hope of a clearing
on the other side
trusting my heart
and the scratches
on my legs

experience is
going to add value
they say

you swallow
close your eyes
and listen

you will
once again
have faith
you’ll go