Photo: Kris Moor

how do you prove
that excessive willingness to attack
is actually
the result of living for years
in a state of constant defence
and inner exile

it is
this something
that Ene Mihkelson talks about
that we have brought this with us
from previous times
into the present day

how to learn
to live freely and bravely
being aware of
one’s own
demons of the inner world

how not to be
by somebody’s thoughtless words
how not to
hide away into yourself
despite everything
embrace the world
refuse to be
a hunting dog
but also a prey

auf das Opfer darf sich keiner berufen*

nobody should
use victimhood
as an excuse
says Ingeborg Bachmann
yet still
she gets stuck
in herself

safe from it
are none of us

*no one is allowed to invoke victimhood